Qualcomm Expands Chennai Presence: New Design Hub

Discover Qualcomm's innovative leap in Chennai with a groundbreaking Design Centre. Explore job opportunities and cutting-edge tech!
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Qualcomm Boosts Presence in Chennai with New Design Centre

Qualcomm, the chip designing giant, is making significant strides in expanding its footprint in Chennai, India. The company revealed its ambitious plans during the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet held on January 7.

Expanding Horizons: Investment and Job Creation

With a commitment to further their operations, Qualcomm has earmarked an impressive ₹177.27 crore investment in establishing a cutting-edge design centre. This visionary move is set to open doors for employment opportunities, with the potential to create up to 1,600 positions for skilled professionals.

Focused Innovations in Connectivity

The newly announced centre will specialize in pioneering wireless connectivity solutions. Its primary focus will revolve around advancing innovations that complement and enhance Wi-Fi technologies. Moreover, the centre is poised to actively contribute to Qualcomm’s global Research and Development initiatives, particularly in the realm of 5G cellular technology.

Commitment to Technological Advancements

Expressing their commitment to spearheading advancements in wireless communications, Qualcomm emphasized the significance of this expansion. This move solidifies their dedication to remaining at the forefront of the industry.

According to a release statement, Savi Soin, President of Qualcomm India, highlighted the pivotal role of the new design centre in shaping global connectivity, especially within India. He emphasized, “The new design centre serves as a crucial asset in bolstering Qualcomm’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Design in India’ initiatives. This establishment will further fortify our collaborations with Indian technology partners and hasten the adoption of groundbreaking technologies in the market.”

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Echoing this sentiment, Mahesh Moorthy, Vice President of Engineering and Head of Qualcomm Chennai Design Center, lauded Tamil Nadu for its rich reservoir of skilled professionals, exceptional educational institutions, and unwavering focus on innovation. He underscored the state’s pivotal role in propelling Qualcomm’s technological advancements to unprecedented heights.

The announcement of this new design centre underscores Qualcomm’s unwavering commitment to fostering technological innovation and enhancing connectivity, affirming its prominent position in the dynamic landscape of wireless technology.

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