For the Dyson Wash G1 electric mop, I think I'll stick with the traditional one.

For the Dyson Wash G1 electric mop, I think I’ll stick with the traditional one.

Discover why I prefer a traditional mop over the Dyson Wash G1 electric mop in this detailed comparison.
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Dyson wants to revolutionize the world of home cleaning, and after vacuum cleaners, the next to suffer its fury is the mop with Dyson Wash G1, but… Is a 63,254 Indian rupee electric mop handy?

The first time I came across the Dyson Wash G1 was on their website in China. At the time I didn’t give it more importance because I thought it was a Dyson vacuum cleaner product focused on a specific market. Perhaps in China, there are not so many mops and more wet mops, and hence the intention that Dyson cleaner vacuum is trying to reinvent a product such as a mop.

For the Dyson Wash G1 electric mop, I think I'll stick with the traditional one.

The Introduction of Dyson Wash G1

The reality is that a month later I met her at a private Dyson event where the arrival of this strange product was presented to the press. Coming from Dyson, it was evident that cleaning efficiency, design, and simply working were the key points of Dyson Wash G1.

But the question was still in my head. Do we need to reinvent the mop? And I think that’s a valid question. When we talk about cleaning, the mop, that modern invention of the Spaniard Manuel Jalón Corominas, is simple and efficient. It is undoubtedly dirty and has been improved over the decades.

Traditional Mop vs. Dyson Wash G1

What Dyson proposes is both to modernize the mop and to sell a product that, right now, gives me the impression that it is a first generation too. There are already vacuum Dyson cleaner that mop from the same Dyson, so what is Dyson Wash G1? What do you fix with a traditional mop?

Features of Dyson Wash G1

Dyson Wash G1
Weight4.9 kg
Dimensions1,140 x 225 x 300 mm
AutonomyUp to 35 minutes
Charging Time1 hour
CoverageUp to 290 m²
Operating modesLevels 1, 2 and 3
Tank capacityClean water 1 L
Dirty water 0.8 L
ScreenColor LCD
Control appNo
Operating noiseVery low
AccessoriesCharging Dock
Dyson Wash G1
Dyson vacuum cleaner
Dyson vacuum cleaner

Simplicity and ease of cleaning by flag

This is a product of Dyson floor cleaner, an English brand that has a great engineering team but also a design team. That’s why this Dyson Wash G1 is simple until there is no more power.

It features a dual-tank system: the top tank holds clean water, while the bottom tank collects the dirty water. In addition, it has two soft rollers and two other brushes to capture dirt from the floor cleaner Dyson. I have to emphasize for the second time that this is not a vacuum machine; although it picks up solid debris, it is a mop.

Under the rollers, you find a tray where all those elements that are not water end up and where all the dirt that you did not pick up before will end up, vacuuming.

Dyson Direct [CPS] IN

Design and Functionality

All the elements are easy to remove so that they can be thoroughly cleaned once you finish. And this is what we have to talk about first of all: what about smells and filth? The design of this Dyson vacuum is designed to make cleaning as easy as possible, but you have to take into account the cleanliness of this mop.

On the one hand, you have the dirty water that remains in the pipes and the tank. To do this, you can remove the dirty water tank, empty it, and give it a quick rinse. But you also have a self-cleaning mode that uses just over a third of the clean water and does a deep internal cleaning in 140 seconds.

After my weeks of testing at home, I can recommend that this self-cleaning system be done at least every two days of use. Of course, as soon as you finish cleaning, you should empty the dirty water.

Dyson vacuum cleaner
Dyson vacuum cleaner

It cleans 90% of your floor, but it can’t access the corners where the traditional mop can.

Electric vacuum cleaners like the ones Dyson products has have a great advantage over the sweeping brush, and that is that they absorb dirt; they do not move it. In addition, they enter practically everywhere the brush goes.

One of the problems with the Dyson Wash G1 is that it is not able to reach where a conventional mop can. For example, the lower part of some furniture, as you can see in the photo above.

It is true that ergonomically they have done two things very well, first that you can get all kinds of angles with the arm to reach many places. Even places that are not very accessible, such as this space between the sofa and the wall.

Dyson Direct [CPS] IN

But one of its problems, perhaps one of the minor ones it has, but which has got on my nerves, is that when you stick it to the skirting board, due to the design of the head and the separation between brushes and plastic, it is between one and 1.5 centimeters uncleaned.

The same thing happens on street corners. Perhaps the solution would be a round brush that comes out of the head, or perhaps make it more compact. That’s up to the Dyson design team.

For the Dyson Wash G1 electric mop, I think I'll stick with the traditional one.

Dyson vacuum cleaners

From wet & dry, deep cleans and capturing pet hair to quick cleans and versatile hard floor solutions, there’s a Dyson vacuum for your needs. Browse the full range by cleaning needs below.

This makes Dyson Wash G1 very effective at cleaning 90% of your house, all those walkways and where there is no furniture, but when you want to mop the floor under bookcases, TV furniture, under the dining table, or similar places, the electric mop is not so flat that you can go under it or get an angle where it does not crash.

Another problem I encounter, more than expected, is the areas of water that remain after passing the electric mop. And there are times when, for example, it gets caught between sleep and a piece of furniture, which leaves small puddles of water due to the pressure.

Dyson Direct [CPS] IN

And finally, one of those problems that I didn’t expect to encounter is… What happens when you finish scrubbing? Can you leave the Dyson floorcare electric mop anywhere? It is supposed to always be stored at its base because this is the problem you encounter many times: you leave traces of water on the ground.

It’s not the biggest problem, but these roller marks, being Dyson wet and dry, mean you have to scrub that area again. Therefore, if you buy this Dyson Wash G1, you have to plan your scrubbing on the side furthest from the base, up to it. You can’t leave it anywhere, or at most, in an area where you have ceramic flooring.

Dyson vacuum cleaner
Dyson vacuum cleaner

Testing what Dyson WashG1 can and can’t clean

I must warn you again that this Dyson Wash G1 is not a vacuum cleaner; therefore, you should not use it to clean solid elements. But what happens if you pass it off as something solid? Imagine that you have dropped coffee or a bowl of milk with cereal. Or you’ve dropped an egg on the kitchen floor, or, worse, what happens if you run it over a physical gift from your pet?

I haven’t reached that point, but I did want to test both the cleaning power and what you can or can’t take with you, as well as what happens next. Here are the scenarios:

Liquid cleaning: Dyson Wash G1 has no problem taking away any liquid that is found. It doesn’t matter if it’s milk or a soft drink. However, I recommend that you pass liquids through the area several times because this way you make sure that there is no freshly soiled water “cleaning” the floor.

Cleaning of soft liquids and solids: In my test, it was with milk and cereals. You have no problem taking the milk and cereals with you, but be careful, because all those soft cereals will remain in the filter of the rollers, so surely after passing it through the dirty area, you will have to thoroughly clean the rollers and filter.

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Versatility and Power Levels

Cleaning gelatinous elements: In this case, it has been cleaning a jelly on the floor. It takes it without any problem, but as happened in the previous point, it rolls a good one in the filter, and you have to disassemble it to do a good thorough cleaning of the rollers.

Cleaning eggs and viscous elements: I threw an egg on the floor, and, first, it was a big mistake because I discovered that you can make hollow scrambles with this mop. But I have to admit that it leaves the floor clean, without shells and egg residues. However, a significant amount accumulates in the filter. In this case, I don’t recommend cleaning a broken egg with this Dyson Wash G1.

Dyson Direct [CPS] IN

Cleaning of solid-viscous elements: That is, that gift that your cat or dog has left you at home. What happens when you mop through those gifts? Don’t worry, I have tried it with peanut butter because it is the closest thing I have on hand. The result is Dantesque. Pieces of peanut butter were everywhere, and I spent a good 20 minutes removing pieces of cream from all sides of the head.

After these tests, it is clear to me that, although Dyson Wash G1 can handle solid elements, I strongly advise against it because cleaning the rollers and filter will take you more time than cleaning your entire house. It is better to leave it to clean the floor traditionally and to take away dust and small elements.

Dyson vacuum cleaner
Dyson vacuum cleaner

Battery Life and Efficiency

Dyson Wash G1 has three power levels and is capable of cleaning without problem on ceramic materials, vinyl, laminate, and wooden floors. In my house, I have flooring, except in the kitchen, where I have ceramics.

The lowest power is designed for everyday cleaning. The stocking is intended to get hold of that more embedded dirt, such as stains. Maximum power is designed to get rid of stubbornly embedded stains, such as a dry soda stain or a jelly-like liquid that has stuck to it. Half an hour of cleaning is more than enough for the average household.

Dyson Direct [CPS] IN

With the battery at 100%, this Dyson Wash G1 gives you just over 30 minutes of use. Considering that you don’t have to refill the tank, that’s more than enough time to clean most homes.

With the two strongest power levels, the range suffers, as does water consumption. On the highest power mode, you can get around 10 minutes of cleansing, but it’s for very specific moments.

It has a charger that you can connect directly to the base that you leave somewhere in your house or connect to the bottom of the electric mop.

Dyson vacuum cleaners

From wet & dry, deep cleans and capturing pet hair to quick cleans and versatile hard floor solutions, there’s a Dyson vacuum for your needs. Browse the full range by cleaning needs below.

Our Score


  • Under normal conditions it leaves the floor clean.
  • It weighs less when turned on.
  • Efficient self-cleaning system.


  • Overall weight.
  • The rollers and filter require continuous cleaning.
  • Incompatible with houses with two or more floors.
  • Exorbitant price.

Conclusion: Is Dyson Wash G1 worth buying?

Dyson Wash G1 is a perfect product for mopping every day on all types of floors, saving water and making cleaning more efficient.

Despite being quite a fan of their vacuum cleaner machine —not in vain, I bought a Dyson V10 with which I am quite happy—recommending this Dyson Wash G1 is quite complicated because it responds to the needs of a fairly small group of people.

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