6 Apps For Two-step Verification In 2024 And Increase Security In Your Accounts

6 Apps For Two-step Verification In 2024 And Increase Security In Your Accounts

Enhance account security with these top 6 two-step verification apps in 2024. Stay safe online! Discover more.
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Surely, at some point in our lives, we have come to question the security capacity that our cell phones provide to protect all our personal and banking data.

So, although it is not easy to answer which are the best tools to help us with this task, we have compiled a short but very precise list of the six applications that make two-step verification possible, and in this way we will have an extra layer of security about our accounts.

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OTP (OTP Authenticator)

First of all, we find this interesting app that stands out for its great simplicity when using it, facilitating its use for all users, especially for those grandparents who have difficulties with technology.

It is available exclusively for Android phones, and we can download it by clicking on this link. It should be noted that this application does not have updates, and because of this, we will never see new things in it, but what is certain is that it will be very useful for our security.

1Password Security App

On the other hand, we come across 1Password as an application that is available for free in the App Store and Play Store. Mainly, this app is a password manager, making it an ideal tool for keeping the keys to our accounts.

Although you must keep in mind that it has the ability to manage two-step verification, to use this function, you have to pay for a subscription to any of its plans. These are the individual plan with a cost of 3 euros per month and the family plan with a price of 5 euros and the capacity to be used by 5 people.

The third plan is indicated for our company’s team, with a price of 20 euros and capacity for up to 10 users per subscription, and finally, the last plan is known as companies, with a price of 7 euros.

Authenticator App

In third place in this list, we find the Authenticator App. This application is only available for Apple devices, and we can download it for free in the App Store. At the same time, it has an extension version for the vast majority of browsers.

In addition, it has the ability to generate secure codes even when we are offline, but another of its most interesting features is that we will have the possibility of importing our data from Google Authenticator safely, although if we want to fully exploit the functions of this, we will have to pay a subscription.

Duo Mobile

This application, known as Duo Mobile, is a tool very loved by users, which is why it is no coincidence that it is located in the top 7 in the business section of the App Store, where you can download it completely free, just like in the Play Store.

One of its greatest virtues is that it can be used on all websites, allowing users to protect their data with a backup in both Google Drive and iCloud.

Aegis Authenticator

Last, but not least, is Aegis Authenticator, which is a fairly simple application to use, but it can be said that its only detail is that it is only available for Android smartphones in the Play Store for free.

With this app, we can protect all our data and use two-step verification for each and every one of our services on the web. In addition, we will have the possibility of configuring our biometric data or fingerprints to facilitate their use.

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Google Authenticator

We also couldn’t leave behind on our list the tool created by Google for the topic of 2-step verification. In this case, the company allows us to download the application, either on Android or iOS, and link it to the other app to be able to receive a single-use code when you want to perform an action, such as accessing an app. , or make a bank transfer.

Its use is also free, and it is perhaps one of the best options to avoid headaches when using passwords to access an app.

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