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Elon Musk’s X Bans Over 2 Lakh Accounts in India

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Elon Musk’s X Corp. has recently stirred up a significant wave of bans in India, targeting accounts that have been involved in promoting explicit content and engaging in activities contrary to community guidelines. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these bans, the reasons behind them, compliance measures, and recent revelations about premium services provided to sanctioned entities.

Elon Musk’s overview of the Ban Statistics

Between December 26 and January 25, X Corp took stringent actions against a staggering number of accounts in India, totaling 2,31,215 bans. These bans were primarily directed at accounts found to promote child sexual exploitation, non-consensual nudity, and terrorism-related content. Additionally, 1,945 accounts were removed for their involvement in promoting terrorism on the platform.

Reasons Behind the Bans

The bans issued by X Corp. were primarily driven by the imperative to maintain a safe and respectful environment on the microblogging platform. Instances promoting explicit content, including child sexual exploitation and non-consensual nudity, pose severe risks and are strictly prohibited. Similarly, accounts found that promoting terrorism contributes to the dissemination of harmful ideologies and endangers public safety.

Compliance with IT Rules, 2021

In adherence to the new IT Rules, 2021, X Corp. provided a monthly report detailing its actions regarding content moderation and grievance redressal mechanisms. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and accountability in its operations within India.

Grievance Redressal Mechanisms

X Corp. facilitated grievance redressal mechanisms for users in India, receiving 2,525 complaints during the reporting period. Additionally, 40 grievances related to account suspensions were processed, reflecting the company’s responsiveness to user concerns.

Account Suspensions and Appeals

Of the processed grievances, nine account suspensions were overturned following a thorough review, indicating a willingness to rectify erroneous actions. However, the majority of reported accounts remained suspended in accordance with the platform’s policies and community standards.

General Questions and Requests

During the reporting period, X Corp. received 19 requests concerning general account-related inquiries, indicating a proactive approach to addressing user queries and concerns.

The nature of complaints from India

The bulk of complaints from Indian users pertained to ban evasion, abuse or harassment, sensitive adult content, and hateful conduct, highlighting the diverse challenges faced in maintaining a safe online environment.

Previous Bans and Current Figures

Prior to the recent bans, X Corp had already taken action against 2,27,600 accounts in India between November 26 and December 25, indicating sustained efforts in content moderation and enforcement of community guidelines.

The Tech Transparency Project’s Findings

Recent findings from the Tech Transparency Project revealed instances where X Corp. provided premium services to accounts associated with US-sanctioned entities and designated terrorist groups. This raises concerns about the platform’s due diligence in preventing illicit activities.

Providing Premium Services to Sanctioned Entities

The Tech Transparency Project’s report identified several X accounts belonging to US-sanctioned entities that had acquired a blue checkmark, signifying premium subscription status. This revelation underscores the importance of robust oversight and accountability measures in preventing the misuse of platform services.

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Elon Musk’s X Corp’s decisive actions in banning over 2 lakh accounts in India underscore its commitment to upholding community standards and regulatory compliance. However, revelations about the provision of premium services to sanctioned entities highlight the need for continued vigilance and transparency in platform operations.


Why did X Corp. ban over 2 lakh accounts in India?

X Corp. banned these accounts primarily for promoting explicit content, including child sexual exploitation and terrorism-related material.

What steps has X Corp. taken to address user grievances?

X Corp. has established grievance redressal mechanisms and processes appeals to ensure fair treatment of users.

How does X Corp. comply with the IT Rules of 2021?

X Corp. provides regular reports on content moderation activities as per the IT Rules, demonstrating its commitment to regulatory compliance.

What were the primary complaints from Indian users?

Indian users primarily complained about ban evasion, abuse or harassment, sensitive adult content, and hateful conduct.

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