Unraveling the Future Is Quora outpacing SEO

Unraveling the Future: Is Quora outpacing SEO?

Discover if Quora is overtaking SEO in the digital realm. Uncover insights and stay ahead.
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Google is increasingly liking question-and-answer forums. In its last change of algorithm, platforms such as Reddit and Quora have risen, as have forums, in which users ask their questions and the rest answer and vote for the best options.

SEO vs. Quora: Competing Philosophies

This “new philosophy” of prioritizing “normal” user-generated content has some logic:

There are multiple answers to the same question, so it does not depend on the choice of the journalist who writes an article in a traditional medium.

The content is on a secure platform where the web vitals are good; there are no hackers, no dark intentions in the design…

The specialists in each subject are responsible for answering the questions, so if I have a question about health, the answers will be given by a doctor. This way, I avoid having to read legal articles saying how good avocados are.

Synergies between SEO and Quora

That means closing the doors of the media that made recommendations, lists, tricks, questions, and answers in traditional media. It’s like Google sees the future of the Internet as a set of news media, question and answer forums, and its own AI (Gemini) gathering knowledge first.

So it’s clear that small media and lifelong blogs have their days counted, so the question now is: Where’s SEO in all this?

It is quite possible that to make a page public, you have to go through Quora. You need to gain a reputation on a specific topic so that we can answer a question and put a link to it. It is possible (I repeat, possible) that Quora and Reddit will be the main sources of traffic in the future (in fact, Reddit Spain is looking for people to work, as I saw the other day on a LinkedIn offer).

SEO, as we know it, has been broken for a long time. Now we have to try to keep dancing at the right pace, and that pace, from my point of view, goes by Quora, who, by the way, owns Poe.

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