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Unemployment Surge: Over 30,000 Tech Workers Face Job Losses Globally in the First Month of 2024

Explore the impact of the 2024 tech job crisis as 30,000 professionals face unemployment. Uncover the challenges and insights. Stay informed!
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The commencement of 2024 brought grim news for the tech workforce as more than 122 tech companies and startups took the painful step of laying off over 30,000 employees in January. Regrettably, this trend of job cuts shows no signs of abating.

Global Tech Layoffs: A Troubling Trend

According to data meticulously gathered by the layoff-tracking website, a staggering 122 tech companies bid farewell to 31,751 employees by February 3. Over the course of 2022 and 2023, tech companies worldwide, including startups, terminated the employment of more than 425,000 individuals, with India witnessing the dismissal of over 36,000 employees during the same period.

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Notable Layoffs in Prominent Tech Companies

Zoom’s workforce was trimmed by 2 percent.

Video communication platform Zoom made headlines by laying off nearly 150 employees, constituting less than 2 percent of its total workforce. Simultaneously, cloud software vendor Okta divulged plans to cut approximately 400 jobs, equating to around 7 percent of its workforce.

PayPal’s workforce faces a 9 percent reduction.

In the realm of online payments, PayPal initiated layoffs impacting at least 9 percent of its workforce, translating to approximately 2,500 employees.

iRobot’s Significant Workforce Reduction

Consumer robotics manufacturer iRobot faced a substantial reduction, announcing the layoff of about 350 employees, a considerable 31 percent of its workforce. Adding to this, Colin Angle, the founder and CEO, is set to step down.

Salesforce Joins the Layoff Trend

Salesforce, a major player in enterprise software, has reluctantly joined the ranks of tech companies implementing job cuts, with around 700 employees facing layoffs.

Tech Layoffs: Navigating the Wave of Job Cuts in the Tech Industry

Swiggy Streamlines Workforce, Cutting 7 Percent Jobs

Online food delivery giant Swiggy opted to streamline its operations, resulting in the elimination of almost seven percent of its workforce, equating to approximately 350–400 jobs.

eBay’s Workforce Reduction and Restructuring

E-commerce platform eBay is undergoing significant changes, parting ways with around 1,000 employees, which amounts to 9 percent of its full-time workforce. Moreover, the company plans to lay off an unspecified number of contractors over the coming months.

Google’s Ongoing Restructuring Efforts

Google-owned YouTube made headlines with layoffs affecting at least 100 employees from its creator management and operations teams. Following the dismissal of nearly 1,000 employees, Google continues its restructuring efforts, reportedly slashing “a few hundred” more jobs in its advertising sales team. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has issued a warning to employees to brace themselves for further job cuts in the coming year.

Veeam Software’s Workforce Reduction

Veeam Software, a global data management solutions provider, reportedly laid off 300 employees, adding to the toll of job losses in the tech sector.

Polygon Labs Faces Workforce Reduction

Polygon Labs, the team dedicated to building the layer-2 blockchain Polygon, has undergone a significant workforce reduction, letting go of about 19 percent, or 60 employees.

Conclusion: Navigating Uncertain Times

The surge in tech layoffs during the initial month of 2024 underscores the challenges faced by the industry. As the workforce adapts to these changes, it becomes crucial for individuals to stay informed, explore new opportunities, and consider upskilling to remain competitive in an evolving job market. In these uncertain times, both employees and employers must navigate the challenges with resilience and strategic planning to build a robust future for the tech industry.

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