Gmail blocks some Outlook emails as spam, and Microsoft has a solution

Gmail blocks some Outlook emails as spam, and Microsoft has a solution

Learn how Gmail blocks some Outlook emails as spam and how Microsoft offers a solution. Get insights now!
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You may have had an unpleasant surprise if you sent a message with your Outlook email to a Gmail account. Microsoft, careful about the issue, is already working on a solution that could be available in the coming days.

We have Internet email services highlighting Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook, and it seems they don’t work very well with each other.

As surprising as it may seem, Google is blocking certain Outlook emails as part of its anti-spam policies, and Microsoft has had to step out to offer a temporary solution while resolving this circumstance.

Gmail blocks some Outlook emails as spam, and Microsoft has a solution
Gmail blocks some Outlook emails as spam, and Microsoft has a solution

Understanding the problem about Gmail blocks Outlook

Google has taken it very seriously to block the spam that different Gmail email accounts receive, and unfortunately, some email services are affected.

In particular, some domains, including those of countries, are affected, regardless of whether they send spam or not.

Microsoft has offered a temporary solution within a new section on its support page that you could use if you are one of the users affected.

When trying to send an email with one of the affected domains, the following error message appears:.

“The distant server has returned a notification identifying the message as potential spam: 550 5.7.1 [[IP Address]]. Gmail has flagged this message as suspicious, likely due to the sender’s domain having a significantly low reputation. In order to enhance user protection against spam, Gmail has decided to block the message.”

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Microsoft’s Response

The message also contains a link to a Google support page, so you know why the message has been blocked.

This page recommends that email providers review the guidelines for Gmail’s mass senders.

Microsoft has not yet revealed why Gmail considers these Outlook domains from countries as suspicious spam, but it seems they are working on a solution.

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The solution offered by Microsoft is that you should test if you are one of the affected

The solution Microsoft has offered is that affected users should add an alias to their main account.

They provide detailed instructions on how to set up or remove an alias from an Outlook email account in this entry of the support page.

In any case, this is only a temporary solution until Microsoft can solve this problem from the root.

Gmail is focusing its efforts to significantly reduce the number of unsolicited emails that its users’ email accounts receive.

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