Artificial Intelligence from a Photo Revolutionizing Image Editing and Animation

Artificial Intelligence from a Photo: Revolutionizing Image Editing and Animation

Discover how Image Editing AI Revolution is transforming photography. Learn about the impact of artificial intelligence on image editing and animation.
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Image editing and animation of static content have completely changed since artificial intelligence has come into our lives.

In this article, I will show you what you can do with AI and a photo, as well as give you software recommendations to get the most out of what it offers.

Artificial Intelligence from a Photo Revolutionizing Image Editing and Animation
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These are some of the most outstanding capabilities:

3D reconstruction with AI

3D Reconstruction: AI is used to create three-dimensional models of physical objects and environments, automating and improving the accuracy of the 3D reconstruction process. In this link, you have an example on the subject.

Image Improvement: Adjusts exposure, contrast, color balance, and other aspects to make images look more professional and visually attractive.

Image enhancement with AI

Object detection recognizes objects in an image, facilitating the organization and labeling of photographs. It’s easy to check with Google Lens. This also serves to improve the search for images by sorting them according to their content, such as landscapes, people, animals, or architecture.

Customization: AI Tips for Color Grading, Composition Assistance, and Simulation of Different Film Styles or Camera Lenses.

Photo editing: Tools such as improve existing photos by allowing the replacement of skies, perspective correction, and illumination of images. This type of software is especially useful in real estate photography or urban landscapes. Canva and Pixlr are examples of applications that incorporate AI tools for photo editing, including removing unwanted objects, replacing elements in images, and creating generative images and videos from text descriptions.​

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Facial recognition

Facial recognition: it identifies and labels people in photos, facilitating the search for specific images.

Creative Assistance: proposes new compositions, techniques, and styles to create more interesting and attractive photos.

These capabilities highlight how AI is shaping modern photography, from capture to post-production, allowing photographers to save time and explore new creative boundaries with ease.

On the other hand, you can turn photos into videos by animating them or giving them voice. You can see it in the article 7 Applications to Make a Photo Speak with Artificial Intelligence, where I also talk about options to animate images without using sound.

Relationship between AI and Photography

As you can see, the image world is extremely related to the world of AI, as many of the applications we see in the artificial intelligence sector are related to photo editing. Large products, such as Photoshop or Freepik, are investing a lot in this, and they already allow you to edit photos with AI-generated content, both by adding or deleting or editing components within a single image.

If you are looking for a specific product, ask on our social networks, and we will help you.

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