Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

Discover essential travel filming accessories for Android/iPhone. Elevate your footage with must-have gear for seamless filming on the go.
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In the past, when I traveled, I would take a DSLR camera to take pictures and even take pictures, but as the quality of mobile phone cameras got better and better, slowly my SLR cameras were kept in moisture-proof boxes for many years, and I rarely took them out again, and most of them were mobile phones to go to the end of the world.

However, if you’re like a moderator who uses your smartphone to take travel photos, what are some useful accessories you need to have? This article will sort out eight must-have accessories for your mobile phone. Check it out below!

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling
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SENSYNE 62″ Phone TripodΒ 

Capture every moment with ease
Experience the ultimate convenience and versatility with Sensyne’s updated 62” phone tripod. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a content creator, or simply want to enhance your selfie game, this tripod is your perfect companion.

Tripod: Stability for Stunning Shots Accessories

If you travel and like to  take vlogs, a tripod is basically one of the must-have accessories, especially for capturing beautiful scenery or taking perfect time-lapse photos. Tripods come in different shapes and sizes, and looking for a lightweight and foldable miniature tripod can be quite convenient, in addition to having a good grip on the phone and having a flexible “feet” that can be wrapped around a pole or uneven surface for interesting shooting angles but is also convenient to carry around. Some tripods can even be used as selfie artifacts. No matter what kind of tripod you use, using a tripod can improve the quality of video recording on your phone.

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Gimbal Stabilizer

Introducing the OM 6 with ActiveTrack 6.0 your ultimate partner in capturing life’s most dynamic moments! With its cutting-edge tracking technology, OM 6 ensures that you never miss a beat, whether it’s your energetic kids, playful pets, or even yourself in action.

Gimbal: Smooth Motion Accessories, Steady Shots

If you have a place to put a tripod, a tripod can help eliminate shaking, but if you want to move around with your phone and still get a smooth video, you can choose to use a gimbal equipped with a motor and sensors that can counteract your movement and bring stability to your videos. Even if you’re running, walking, or dancing, you can shoot smooth and stable footage.

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Transform your audio experience with our custom-designed USB microphone featuring a three-capsule array. This professional-grade mic ensures clear, powerful sound, making it ideal for enhancing the quality of your YouTube videos, Twitch game streams, podcasts, Zoom meetings, and music recording sessions.

External Microphone: Crystal-Clear Audio on the Go

Your phone’s built-in microphone may be good for recording short voice memos, but it may not be good if you’re traveling for filming because your phone’s built-in microphone tends to pick up all the noise, such as background noise, wind noise, and so on. If you don’t want these noises and want clear audio, an external microphone is basically a necessity for interviewers and vloggers. There are two main types of external microphones on mobile phones: lavalier microphones and shotgun microphones. The former is better for interviews, and the latter is suitable for capturing great audio from a distance. Most external microphones can be plugged directly into your phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack or USB-C slot and ready to go, making them a small investment and a high-return accessory if you’re looking for video sound quality.

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

Evil eye 36X Telephoto Lens

Easily adjust the focal length by rotating the focus ring to capture crystal-clear images of distant subjects. Whether you’re capturing wildlife, landscapes, or cityscapes, this lens provides unparalleled clarity and detail. Additionally, its versatility allows it to double as a monocular telescope, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and travel photographers seeking to explore distant vistas. Say goodbye to blurry shots and hello to stunning, high-definition images with our 36X telephoto lens.

External Lens: Expand Your Filmmaking Horizons

An external lens is a set of accessories that provide a wider shooting angle, ultra-close-range shooting, and the ability to zoom at a long distance. For example, there are mobile phone camera lens kits that come with macro lenses, fisheye lenses, telephoto lenses, and other accessories. Each lens allows you to enhance your film in different ways: a macro lens allows you to shoot tiny things up close, a wide-angle lens is good for capturing beautiful landscapes, and a telephoto lens zooms in on things far away. The external lens adds a slight vignette or softening effect to the edges, which is quite good when shooting movies. In addition to that, the different lenses are generally portable and can be changed quickly, so it is quite convenient.

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

INIU Portable Charger

Unlock unparalleled safety and reliability in charging with INIU Fast Charge Pro, trusted by over 38 million users worldwide. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our product, from the premium-grade materials we utilize to our industry-leading 3-year warranty.

External Charging: Power Up Your Filming Sessions

If you’re going to shoot on a trip, you’re bound to run into a low battery, and you’ll have quite a headache when you see only  5% of the battery left. So, if you’re traveling to film, be sure to bring a reliable external battery that will allow you to work on the film without having to look for a plug. External batteries come in many different capacities, and the larger the mAh, the more power it can provide to the phone. A small-capacity urine bag may be sufficient for short shooting, but it is not suitable for long-distance travel, so if you need to shoot for a long time, you should buy a large-capacity external battery, such as the 42800mAh external charger that can be found on Amazon.

Automatic Tracking Device: Stay Centered, Stay Focused

Auto-tracking devices are great for independent YouTubers as well as vloggers, as they will want to keep themselves in the frame without constantly checking their angles. These gadgets are usually built into the gimbal or used as a separate phone holder, which is basically a miniature robotic arm that rotates the phone to follow the subject.

There are many great uses for auto-tracking devices, such as keeping track of your own movement around the kitchen while filming a cooking lesson or how many places you’ve conquered when you’re documenting your adventures. There are many different styles of auto-tracking devices on the market, some for as little as $30 , that use a built-in camcorder to track your face.

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

NEEWER X12 14 inch Aluminum Alloy Teleprompter

Upgrade your reading experience with cutting-edge HD display technology. Our innovative coating technique applied to high-quality beam splitter glass ensures an impressive 75% light transmittance, delivering crystal-clear text visibility.

Teleprompter: Elevate Your On-Camera Presence

When recording a video, if you choke while talking, it will make the whole video very embarrassing. And the teleprompter is the secret weapon that allows you to speak fluently and confidently in front of the camera. Think of it as a virtual cue card that scrolls through your speech right below the camera lens, allowing you to read it naturally and look as if you’re looking at your audience rather than your phone. A teleprompter can enhance your video presentation and is perfect for demonstrations, interviews, or teaching.

There are two ways to use a teleprompter: you can invest in fancy hardware such as the $  280 Elgato Prompter, or you can download an app. There are quite a few teleprompter apps for  Android  on the market, such as  Teleprompter for Video, which lets you import your transcripts and control the scrolling speed. The movie teleprompter can also be used in floating windows, so you can use it with your favorite camera app.

Essential Accessories for Android/iPhone Filming While Traveling

Rechargeable Selfie Light & Phone Light Clip for iPhone – Phone LED Light

You can have short product description here. It can be added as and enable/disable toggle option from which user can have control on it.

LED Light: Illuminate Your Shots and Enhance Your Videos

Without a fill light, indoor footage may appear dull and grainy, and half of your face may be hidden in the shadows when recording outdoors. Thankfully, LED lights can cast a natural glow while eliminating shadows and making your footage look elegant and professional. LED lights are also flexible, and most are dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness depending on your surroundings. If you are conducting an indoor interview, then the LED lights will remove those annoying shadows on the interviewee’s face. The LED lights also highlight every little detail when shooting product demonstrations, and some even have different color temperatures, allowing you to switch from warm to cool depending on your mood.

In conclusion, these eight accessories are essential companions for any traveler relying on their smartphone to capture memorable moments. From stability to audio quality to lighting, each accessory enhances your filming capabilities, ensuring your travel videos are nothing short of spectacular. Elevate your storytelling and share your adventures with the world using these must-have tools.

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