Samsung Galaxy S24

Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S24: models, specifications and key features

In a month, the new Galaxy S24 series will be announced, which will be very special and unique to differentiate itself from all the mobile phones ever launched by Samsung.
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In a month, the new Galaxy S24 series will be announced, which will be very special and unique to differentiate itself from all the mobile phones ever launched by Samsung.

If the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has become the best Android mobile this year, the renewal of the series is on its way to being a special and unique property. Samsung’s Galaxy S24 will debut for the first time AI functions that have been seen throughout the year in ChatGPT, Bard, image generators, and more.

In recent months and weeks the specifications and AI functions that will arrive have been leaked; Apart from that Samsung itself also gave clues about these features for artificial intelligence with the special One UI 6.1 update that will debut in the new series. This means that a complete drawing can be made of what this series will be when it is launched in Spain.

Firstly, what is most interesting to know is when Samsung plans to launch the new Galaxy S24 and according to various rumors, the indicated date is in the middle of January 2024. The Elec, a Korean media, in November, reported that the date chosen by Samsung would be January 17 to advance by two weeks to that used for the Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung Galaxy S24
Samsung Galaxy S24
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Samsung Galaxy S24 AI

Samsung is currently looking for a possible name to identify a device in which artificial intelligence will be the main protagonist for many of their experiences. They want the idea of ​​the Galaxy S24 being a ‘smartphone’, or what would be an AI Phone to be abandoned (although the use of this name has finally been abandoned due to how similar it is to that of its main competitor, Apple).

At the moment, leaks about the AI ​​functions have shown that most of them are similar to what has been seen in generator images by artificial intelligence such as DALL-E 3 or Stable Diffusion, composing Bard-style emails or ChatGPT or the ability to use that generation for wallpapers.

Yes, there has been some novelty that better illustrates what Samsung wants to achieve with its new series: the use of a circular gesture on an element on the screen to perform an automatic search. If the rumor is correct, it is the ultimate example of what Samsung is looking for in these experiences based on artificial intelligence.

In October it was already made clear that the Galaxy S24 will receive the largest update ever made by the Korean manufacturer with One UI 6.1 based on Android 14. Galaxy AI also comes into play, powered by the new generative AI model called Samsung Gauss, and which will be presented sometime next year, although It is unknown if it will be released with the Galaxy S24. Galaxy AI is like this:

  • It’s not like Bixby, Samsung’s assistant.
  • You will be much smarter and more capable.
  • Communication without the language barrier.
  • Simplified productivity.
  • Creativity without limits.
  • Galaxy AI will work in a hybrid system: a device using its hardware and cloud-based AI or cloud.

Some of the intelligent functions based on AI have been leaked which are a glimpse of the complete picture that Samsung will present on January 17. It will be a very interesting day due to all the surprises that the Korean manufacturer may show in its announcement. These are the ones leaked so far:

  • AI wallpaper generator.
  • Apply weather effects on images: sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.
  • AI-animated wallpapers.
  • Ability to move the elements of an image similar to Google’s magic editor on the Pixel.
  • Enlarging the edges of a photograph; Adobe uses an identical function with generative fill.
  • Real-time call translation.
  • Voices are clearer; similar also to Google Clear Calling.
  • Voice recording: Galaxy AI will be able to identify up to 10 different voices in recorded meetings to translate it, and make a transcription to text and a summary.
  • Writing: capable of writing an essay on any topic in the most ChatGPT style.
  • New gestures: a circle on the screen to perform an automatic search on the element selected with the gesture.
Samsung Galaxy S24

Is the chip, Snapdragon or Exynos?

If AI will be the main protagonist, it will not be the justification to disregard the possible specifications of the new series, on the contrary, Samsung is going to make important changes to the hardware of the Galaxy S24. First off: Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy chip, new screen premiere, changes to the cameras, and the use of some new technologies such as the one leaked today to protect the screen glass.

There is still no confirmation about the chip that Samsung will use since it could be either the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy or the same Exynos 2400 that it announced in October. That there is a leak from more than a month ago in which the clock speeds of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy are indicated (a little faster than the standard), does not confirm its appearance, although everything seems to be heading towards it becoming a reality.

Changes in photography

A series of leaks have revealed possible changes in photography for the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is rumored that Samsung will collaborate with Sony for the use of the IMX890 sensor. Additionally, the S24 Ultra might feature a 200 Mpx camera with an ISOCELL sensor. Another leaked change is the replacement of the 10x optical zoom with a 5x optical zoom. Samsung claims that this hybrid function, combining optical and digital zoom, will maintain the quality of its photography. Samsung also mentioned that the next flagships will have a single sensor capable of taking portrait, telephoto, and telephoto photos.

The changes in photography are not only related to the hardware but would include some important new features such as direct access to Instagram from the lock screen. Just like Samsung published on YouTube the magical functions when recording video with the Galaxy S24 with amazing capabilities like these:

  • Zoom Anyplace: Automatic zoom to follow the subject while capturing the entire scene in an open plane. A single camera to process an open and short shot at the same time.
  • This feature is also capable of keeping the subject in the foreground in real time as it moves in the scene.
  • E2E AI Remosaic: reduces the image processing time to improve its final quality.

New screen

In August it was leaked that the Galaxy S24 would debut a new screen with higher brightness peaks, and weeks ago all three models will have this new panel; unlike other years when only the Ultra model benefited from Samsung’s latest technology in screens.

Apart from a new screen, there is another very radical change for Samsung: it abandons the side edge of the screen so that it is completely flat; The curve will remain in the side frame, although in the Ultra model, there will be a less noticeable degree of curvature than in this year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra. The three models will have these specifications on the screen according to the leaks:

  • Galaxy S24: 6.1-inch AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • Galaxy S24+: 6.6-inch AMOLED with FHD+ and 120 Hz rate.
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: 6.8-inch AMOLED with QHD+ resolution and 1 to 120 Hz rate.

Other important details

Of course, Samsung’s Galaxy S has also been characterized by presenting a good list of details that together add more value. Today it has been leaked, according to Android Authority, that the new series will arrive with the GG Armor protective glass< /span>, the new Gorilla Glass, as well as the colors and RAM and internal configurations for each model:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24: 8 + 128 GB and 8 + 256 GB.
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+: 12 + 256 GB, 12 + 512 GB.
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: 12 + 256 GB, 12 + 512 GB, 12 GB + 1 TB.
  • The three models will arrive in these colors: gray, black, purple, and yellow.

Finally, the design will remain the same on the back according to the leaks, even some with real images of the Ultra model. The big change will be on the front for a flat screen or almost in the Ultra, so in this sense, Samsung is not going to revolutionize the visual appearance of a series that this year has been a pleasant surprise for the interests of the Korean manufacturer.

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