Non-fungible token

The non-fungible token “Public Meme Token (PMT)” is revolutionizing modern art

The non-fungible token "Public Meme Token (PMT)" is not just another meme token; it's an innovative community-centric digital asset empowering.
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The non-fungible token “Public Meme Token (PMT)” is not just another meme token; it’s an innovative community-centric digital asset empowering visual artists, musicians, and influencers. By incorporating Real World Asset (RWA) backing and implementing a buy-back and burn mechanism, PMT stands out in the realm of creativity while ensuring sustained value.

Unveiling the 7th Round of PMT’s Presale

PMT recently initiated its 7th round of the 10-stage presale phase. This presale revolutionizes the crypto landscape by merging memes with tangible real-world assets, marking a pivotal moment in the industry.

Spearheaded by Kamran Arki

Kamran Arki, the visionary behind PMT, leads this groundbreaking initiative. With the ongoing success of the presale and the onboarded first artist, PMT is buzzing in various circles.

Unfolding Phases of the Project’s Presale

The presale unfolds across a comprehensive span of 10 distinct phases, employing a strategic tiered pricing approach that gradually elevates token prices in each subsequent phase. This deliberate tactic is designed to entice early investors by commencing with attractively lower initial prices.

Initiating at a modest $0.02, the presale has now advanced to its 7th phase, valuing the token at $0.0354. As the presale journey continues, the token’s valuation steadily climbs, reaching its pinnacle at $0.05 upon its official launch across multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Non-fungible token
Non-fungible token
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Incentives for Early Buyers

Early adopters stand to gain exclusive Loyalty NFTs, provided they purchase a minimum of 10,000 $PMT within the first 1,000 buyers.

A New Paradigm for Art Enthusiasts

Engaging in this presale marks the gateway into an immersive domain where the realms of art and memes harmoniously merge via blockchain technology. PMT epitomizes the fusion between digital artistry and cryptocurrency, functioning as an avant-garde platform that seamlessly intertwines artists, visual arts, and blockchain innovation.

The Significance of Loyalty NFTs (non-fungible token)

Loyalty NFTs, curated by renowned artists and influencers, serve as both digital art pieces and community tokens within the PMT ecosystem. Staking these NFTs enables users to earn PMT tokens, fostering engagement within the platform.

Creating Value for Artists and Users

Staked loyalty NFTs not only reward users but also promote artists’ visibility. These limited-edition artworks appreciate over time, attracting collectors and crypto enthusiasts, thereby enhancing the digital art landscape.

Elevating the Meme Token Concept

PMT goes beyond the conventional perception associated with meme tokens. It operates as a resilient community-centric token, underpinned by Real World Assets, nurturing an environment for creativity while guaranteeing sustained and lasting value.

Embracing Creator-Centricity

The PMT team prioritizes creators, enabling artists, musicians, and influencers to launch their NFTs and cultivate dedicated communities. This emphasis on creators contributes to the growth of the overall community.

Non-fungible token
Non-fungible token

Seamless Access to PMT

For those interested in acquiring PMT tokens:

  • Create a wallet, such as MetaMask, to facilitate the purchase.
  • Obtain BNB to exchange for PMT.
  • Access the PMT dApp through using Google Chrome or MetaMask’s in-built browser.
  • Connect your wallet and execute the purchase without incurring additional fees.

Forging Partnerships in the Art World

Collaborating with international visual artist rocketbyz bolsters PMT’s stability and liquidity, amplifying its allure. PMT continues to underscore the importance of fostering a community that revolves around creators.

For further updates and engagement with the PMT team, visit the social media pages or the official PMT website.

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