Your WordPress Development with Studio

Your WordPress Development with Studio

Discover the best practices for WordPress development in this comprehensive guide. Explore Studio's tools and resources.
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Studio is the new local development tool offered by, designed to transform the way WordPress development, designers, and content creators work with WordPress. With a free and open-source proposition, Studio promises to simplify workflows and speed up the website development process.

Introducing WordPress Development Studio: A Game-Changer for Developers

This environment is specially configured to make it easier to work in WordPress without the need for complex manual configurations. Unlike traditional solutions such as MAMP or Docker, Studio eliminates the need for web servers or virtualization technologies, thanks to the use of WordPress Playground and a PHP binary enhanced by WebAssembly.

Built-in features and accessibility

One of the great attractions of Studio is its ease of use. In a matter of minutes, users can download and install the app, add a site, and start working with tools like WP Admin and the Site Editor with just one click, without the need to memorize passwords or complicated usernames. Studio also integrates seamlessly with popular development tools such as VS Code, PhpStorm, Terminal, and Finder, reinforcing its usefulness in today’s development ecosystem.

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Effortlessly Sharing Progress

Studio demo sites are a key innovation. They allow developers to share progress on their projects using a public link that is hosted directly on This feature eliminates the typical complications associated with presenting on-premises web projects, as it requires no additional server configurations and allows for instant updates to reflect the latest changes.

Like Local by Flywheel and DevKinsta, Studio offers a streamlined approach to local development but is distinguished by its integration of advanced technologies such as WebAssembly and its completely server-free model. Not only do these features facilitate faster setup, but they also reduce the learning curve for new users.

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Future Expansions and Accessibility

Initially available only to Mac users, Studio plans to expand its availability to Windows, which will further democratize access to this revolutionary tool. Those interested in the Windows release can apply for early access, indicating a WordPress development commitment to inclusivity and ongoing feedback from the developer community.

Your WordPress Development with Studio
Your WordPress Development with Studio

Staging sites, SSH access… These features complement Studio, allowing for more comprehensive and efficient management of WordPress projects.


In conclusion, Studio is revolutionizing local website development with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, Studio offers the tools you need to streamline your workflow and create stunning websites with ease. Stay tuned for future expansions as continues to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in the development community.

FAQs about Studio

Q: How does Studio simplify website development?

A: Studio streamlines website development with its optimized environment and user-friendly interface.

Q: Can I integrate Studio with other development tools?

A: Absolutely! Studio seamlessly integrates with popular tools like VS Code, PhpStorm, and Terminal, enhancing its versatility.

Q: Is Studio suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, Studio is designed for users of all levels, reducing the learning curve with its intuitive features.

Q: What platforms does Studio currently support?

A: At present, Studio is available for Mac users, with plans for expansion to Windows in the near future.

Q: How can I share my project progress using Studio?

A: With demo sites, you can effortlessly share project progress via a public link hosted directly on

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