Unlocking the Potential How to Utilize ChatGPT with Siri on Your iPhone

Unlocking the Potential: How to Utilize ChatGPT with Siri on Your iPhone

Discover how to supercharge your iPhone with ChatGPT & Siri integration. Unleash productivity & innovation.
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It is possible to configure ChatGPT with Siri through the Atajos app in a very simple way and have the artificial intelligence of OpenAI always with you. Here, I’m going to explain how to do it step by step.

ChatGPT has become, for its own merits, a sensation in the last few months and has applications of all kinds.

Configuring ChatGPT with Siri: A Simple Guide

It can help you get the name of a business you want to start, tell a story to your child, help you with a complex math operation, or even provide coaching. The limit, practically, is imagination.

The problem? To use AI, you need the application or the web browser to enter and write the text to generate a response. Really, all it means is a little more time, but for many users, it is uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there is a way to configure ChatGPT with Siri so that, instead of Apple’s digital assistant trying to solve a question, it is OpenAI’s artificial intelligence that gives you a cable, with all the possibilities that it brings.

If you are interested, here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to convert Siri to ChatGPT in a very simple way.

How to use ChatGPT with Siri, step-by-step

Enhancing Siri with ChatGPT: Unleash the Potential

All you need is the Apple Stakes app, available for both Mac, iPhone, and iPad, a shortcut created specifically for this action by David Bernal and Fran Besora of Applesfera, and an OpenAI API code for everything to work properly.

The first thing is to enter the OpenAI website to get this secret code. Once inside, enter your credentials and enter the API section. The one on the right of the three start options.

Then click on your face to open the drop-down and give it to View API Keys. In this new window, simply give it the Create new secret key button, and when you have it, copy it; you will need it later.

The next step is to download the shortcut created by the colleagues from Applesfera, something you can do directly through this iCloud link with your iPhone.

Finally, he enters the Atajo that has just descended, and where he puts Enter here your API code, just paste that code you previously picked up from OpenAI. What it does is connect Siri with OpenAI.

Now, to activate it, simply call Siri as usual, but add ChatGPT Atajo so that it’s automatically OpenAI AI that answers all your requests.

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