The iPhone Enters a New Era: Apple's Rumored Deal with Samsung

The iPhone Enters a New Era: Apple’s Rumored Deal with Samsung

Explore how the iPhone enters a new era with Apple's rumored deal with Samsung. Learn about the potential collaboration and its impact.
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  • Rumors suggest Apple and Samsung are collaborating on a foldable screen product.
  • Apple’s Rumored interest in foldable technology indicates potential for a folding iPhone or iPad.
  • The mass production of foldable devices is projected to commence by the end of 2025.
  • Collaboration with Samsung as a foldable screen supplier hints at future product developments.
  • Anticipated entry into the foldable screen market is expected to boost Apple’s sales and innovation efforts.
Explore how the iPhone enters a new era with Apple's rumored deal with Samsung. Learn about the potential collaboration and its impact.
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Apple’s Rumored Alleged Deal with Samsung

According to a new rumor, Apple has signed with Samsung to develop a product with a foldable screen. Rumors are currently circulating about a Mac or iPad with a foldable screen and about a folding iPhone.

Today, more and more smartphone (and PC) brands are offering devices with foldable screens. Apple, for its part, has not yet expressed an interest in this technology. But, behind the scenes, the Cupertino firm is said to be thinking about a folding iPhone and/or iPad.

And according to a new article from Sammobile, which relays information from the DigiTimes Asia website, it is possible that Apple has just taken a new step. Indeed, as per this latest rumor, Apple has entered into an agreement with Samsung to collaborate on the development of a device featuring a foldable screen.

The details of this deal are not mentioned, but the news suggests that if Apple launches a folding iPhone or iPad, Samsung should be its supplier of foldable screens. Currently, Samsung is one of the leading suppliers of this technology. And previously, rumors indicated that the Korean company had already prepared its production lines for Apple’s future orders.

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Folding an iPhone or iPad: You’ll have to be patient.

In any case, we will probably have to wait a little longer before we see Apple products with foldable screens on the market. In a recent article, our colleagues at 9to5Mac relayed a note from analyst Jeff Pu indicating that Apple has accelerated its work on foldable screens.

However, despite this acceleration, the folding Mac or iPad with a 20.3-inch display would not enter mass production until the end of 2025. As for the folding iPhone, it would not go into production until the end of 2026.

Moreover, since this information does not come from official sources, it should be considered with caution. In any case, sooner or later, Apple should launch products with foldable screens in order to revitalize its sales.

  • Apple is reportedly continuing to think about its future products with a foldable screen.
  • And recently, the company reportedly signed a contract with Samsung, which is expected to be its supplier of foldable screens.
  • Presently, speculations abound regarding a gadget featuring a 20.3-inch foldable display and the potential development of a folding iPhone.
  • However, the first Apple product using this technology would not go into production until the end of 2025.
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