The Cleaning Power Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!

The Cleaning Power: Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!

Discover the efficiency of the Dreame H13 Pro in this review of an efficient floor mop. Uncover its strengths and quirks.
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The Cleaning Power: Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!
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Dreame H13 PRO Wet Dry Vacuum

Positioned in this segment since 2021, Dreame continues to supply its plethora of floor cleaners. In 2024, it’s time for the H13 Pro, a broom that gains a “turbo” mode, a LED ramp and automatic drying of the roll with hot air.

Presentation about Dreame H13 Pro

While the Dreame floor mop series was only introduced in 2021, it is still very well supplied. After the H11 and H12 series, the Chinese manufacturer logically offers the H13 Pro at $798.

This model is cut in the same vein as its predecessors, with a few improvements. The H13 Pro retains a wide edge-to-edge roller to dislodge stains and two water tanks. However, it gains an additional washing mode, which is said to be more powerful than the pre-existing ones. Also, while the self-cleaning function is still acquired, it now includes a hot air drying cycle of the roll (60 °C). Finally, the motorized head has a row of LEDs to better spot dirt scattered on the ground.

The Cleaning Power Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!
The Cleaning Power Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!

Ease of use Dreame H13 Pro

The H13 Pro doesn’t mark a clear break with the H12 Pro. The broom retains its imposing silhouette and even gains a few grams on the scale, going from 4.9 kg to 5.6 kg, which is far from insignificant. Since floor scrubbers are mostly heavy and unwieldy, this weight may not work in the Dreame H13 Pro’s favor.

Done and said. While the two wheels help the user steer the H13 Pro better, the broom is still bulky and unwieldy. The size of the device weighs on the arm, and it refuses to steer or go under furniture. For comparison, the Shark HydroVac WD210EU is much more obedient.

Dreame equips its H13 Pro with a large rotating roller and still doesn’t choose to install three, like Roborock with its Dyad Pro. Known as “edge-to-edge,” the broom removes all unnecessary plastic on the sides and runs perfectly along walls and furniture, unlike other devices that leave a strip of dust of a few centimeters. In addition, this broom gains a strip of LEDs to better detect residues in its path—a detail that is not a detail and allows it to better trap dust.

To mop the floor, the H13 Pro offers four modes. We found the automatic mode, which lets the broom manage the water flow and suction power on its own. An ultra mode takes the intensity up a notch, but not as much as the broom’s new turbo mode. Unprecedented in the Dreame range of floor scrubbers, the latter is said to be even more effective against stains. Finally, as already known, the suction mode is useful when dealing with liquids that need to be vacuumed without the broom moistening the floor.

Pros and Cons


  • Large water tanks.
  • Correct washing performance.
  • A comprehensive and comprehensible display.
  • A parking position that pauses the device.


  • A heavy device with very little handling.

At the end of the handle, there are three buttons that control the broom, which is nothing new: an on/off button, another to change the wash mode, and a third one that takes care of the roller’s self-cleaning mode.

With a detailed and clear display, Dreame floor scrubbers deliver a lot of useful information. The H13 Pro is equipped with this and even improves the display, making it even more understandable. A system of pictograms informs us of the selected washing mode. Other symbols indicate when the dirty water tank is full or, conversely, when the clean water tank is empty.

These two tanks differ from those of other competitors in terms of their capacity. With 900 ml for clean water and 700 ml for dirty water, they avoid many trips to and from the sink during the washing session, unlike those of the Tineco Floor One S5 Combo. Dreame provides a cleaning solution to improve the washing performance of the H13 Pro.

Finally, to pause the device, simply install it in the parking position, i.e., standing. It automatically restarts as soon as it is bent over again to clean the floor.

The Cleaning Power Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!
The Cleaning Power Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!


Like all roller washing appliances, maintenance is not the most pleasant. In fact, the roller is not machine washable, and you must therefore rely on hand washing and waiting at least 24 hours before reinstalling it in its place. There is obviously the self-cleaning mode, as mentioned earlier, but this is not enough to remove bacteria in the long term.

The water tanks are very easy to install, as always on Dreame brooms. The clean water tank is easy to fill, while the dirty water tank does not make it easy to empty. A drainage system similar to that of the Shark HydroVac turns out to be much more sensible and hygienic.

Introducing AI Review Engine


After drying lipstick, soda, oil, and carbon black overnight, the Dreame H13 Pro enters the scene. With a confident movement, the broom removes soda and oil in just three round trips. Carbon black follows suit as it requires seven passes, with a few streaks all the same.

Finally, lipstick, the most tenacious substance, resists but fades quickly after about ten swipes, which is a very good result. However, Kärcher FC 7 retained their gold medal with only six round trips.

Dreame H13 PRO 

Established in this market niche since 2021, Dreame remains a leading provider of various floor cleaning solutions. Now, in 2024, it introduces the H13 Pro, featuring an enhanced “turbo” mode, an LED indicator, and automatic roll drying with hot air.


Thanks to its two large tanks, the Dreame H13 Pro doesn’t require constant trips to the sink. This is because the dirty water tank needs to be emptied after 24 minutes, while the clean water tank needs to be refilled after 28 minutes, which is a very good result. On the other hand, the broom does not turn off once its water tank is empty. It is therefore important to listen carefully to the voice instructions or the screen to fill the water tank on time.

Now let’s talk about drums. Dreame claims that its broom can clean up to 300 m2 on a single charge, i.e., for 40 minutes. In our laboratory, the H13 Pro did not disappoint and even reached 42 minutes of operation. Very Honourable!

Once dead, the battery takes 3–6 minutes to be fully charged again. A decent amount of time compared to the 4 hours of the wireless Kärcher FC5.

The Cleaning Power Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!
The Cleaning Power Dive into Our Dreame H13 Pro Review!


The Dreame H13 Pro isn’t the quietest floor mop we’ve ever tested. In our average comparison, the broom emits 61 dB in standard mode, compared to 58 dB for the Vileda Looper.

If the self-cleaning procedure is rather quiet, with an average of 45 dB, several peaks of up to 59 dB are to be expected. It can then be awkward to start the procedure while staying in the same room.


When it comes to floor scrubbers, this is not Dreame’s first attempt, and this H13 Pro takes advantage of the advantages of the previous blades. It is equipped with two large water tanks, a detailed display, and a responsive automatic mode. In addition to these features, it retains its meticulous edge-to-edge roller and more than decent washing performance. On the other hand, the Dreame is overweight and even more complicated to handle than its predecessor, to the point of making cleaning even more painful.

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