Spotify vs YouTube: The Battle for Video Dominance

Spotify Challenge: Taking on YouTube in the Realm of Video Content

Discover how Spotify is challenging YouTube with video content. Explore the clash of titans in digital entertainment
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Short Summary:

  • Spotify aims to compete with YouTube with the next update.
  • Spotify has added its own videos as courses within its platform.
  • The option is currently only available for UK users.

1. Spotify’s Foray into Video Content

Spotify has improved its streaming app to compete with other music giants like Amazon Music or Deezer. The platform has created initiatives to capture customers, such as the music DNI known as Spotify Pie, the use of AI to fold podcasts, or the legendary Spotify Wrapped annual.

The Swedish company has now declared war on YouTube and already includes video clips of the songs or small fragments in some countries around the world. Spotify wants to go a step further and add videos as courses to its platform.

The company is testing this new feature, and for the moment it is only available for UK users, who can access it from the mobile app or the web version.

2. Spotify wants to meet the needs of listeners who used to use podcasts.

Spotify has joined companies with some presence in the field of educational technology, such as BBC Maestro, Skillshare, PLAYvirtuoso, Thinkific, and Andro4All. The content of the courses in video format focuses on four themes: business, music production, creativity, and healthy living.

The company hosts thousands of podcasts and audiobooks aimed at covering these themes and that work relatively well, so it has decided to take advantage of the drag. Spotify aims to meet the needs of its listeners who show interest in accessing training resources or even buying content from creators when the time comes.

“It allows us to explore an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of our users who have an active interest in learning,” explained Babar Zafar, Spotify’s vice president of product development.

3. Spotify courses will include complementary material.

UK users already have access to this new feature. To start with the training for the video courses, you need to access Spotify. At the top of the home screen will appear a floating icon that redirects listeners to this content.

Spotify’s training plan goes further and demonstrates commitment to its community. Mohit Jitani, the company’s product director, has confirmed to The Verge that the videos will include complementary material as downloadable PDF files.

Jitani has also confirmed that the courses can be listened to with the screen off as if they were podcasts. The option to play videos in the background is only available for users who pay for the YouTube Premium subscription, so Spotify can go a step ahead of the competition.

This update follows a freemium model, the same as what initially happened with audiobooks. Free and paid subscribers have equal access to two lessons per course, free of charge. If you want to see the full course, you will have to add an additional cost to your fare.

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