Apple's WWDC 2024 A Comprehensive Preview

Apple’s WWDC 2024: A Comprehensive Preview

Discover the latest updates and innovations at Apple's WWDC 2024 conference. Explore what's in store for you! Stay ahead in tech
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Apple's WWDC 2024 already has a date; this is what it will present.

Introduction About Apple’s WWDC 2024

Apple’s WWDC 2024 developer conference will take place at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, on June 10th. And it will last until June 14.

Apple has not revealed the time in the press release, but the keynote of WWDC 2024 will take place at 19:00 Spanish time, as is tradition in the company of Tim Cook.

Usually, the event focuses on apps and new versions of their operating systems, although this year the big star is expected to be artificial intelligence.

Official Announcements

What we’ll see at WWDC 2024 on June 10th

In the keynote that Tim Cook will present, we will see for sure what Apple has already officially announced: “WWDC24 will present the latest developments in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS.”.

That is, the new iOS 18, and the rest of the updates to their operating systems. But, of course, we expect much more. Apple is playing with AI.

With rivals like Microsoft, Meta, and Google far ahead, Apple risks lagging behind in the field that will dominate technology in the coming years.

Apple’s AI Integration Strategy

Rumors swirl with whispers of Apple’s staggering investments, purportedly pouring millions into daily AI model training. With the groundwork laid by the advanced Apple M3 processor, poised to seamlessly integrate with artificial intelligence, all signs point to an imminent unveiling of groundbreaking plans at WWDC 24.

Apple’s idea is to integrate its own local AI for operating systems and use third-party AI for apps. He’s already in negotiations with Google to use Gemini with the iPhone 16.

At WWDC 24, we will also see advances in the software for augmented reality glasses and in the space computing device Vision Pro. They may announce their departure in other countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, and China.

The Verge believes that Apple could launch a cheap version of the second-generation AirPods, a new version of AirPods 3 with noise cancellation, and a new AirPods Max with USB-C.

Last year, we also introduced new MacBooks, so it is possible that we will see new models of computers with the M3.

But let’s not forget that WWDC 24 is a conference for developers, so it will focus on software, apps, operating systems, and, above all, AI. There is a lot of AI.

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